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Updated: Feb 29, 2020

As a wedding singer I feel that the music is one of the most important choices you will make for your ceremony. The music you choose will enhance the already incredibly special occasion and will allow you to drift back to that day when you hear those songs again.

This is a short list of things to take into consideration before booking a wedding singer.

1. Do you need to hear them sing live?

If you have heard someone online and you like their sound but you’ve never heard them sing live it’s worth asking if you can hear them sing at some point before your wedding. This allows you to put your mind at ease and to feel confident that you’ve made a good choice. On the other hand, I’ve sung at numerous weddings where it simply wasn’t a realistic option to hear me sing live. This is particularly relevant when couples are planning a wedding form abroad. There are ways around this such as a Facetime or Skype call which should be easily organised. Luckily, in Ireland our wedding singers are very honest and I haven’t (to date!) come across someone who sounds considerably different in real life to what is online. In fact, the singer is often better live than in a recording!

2. Can you meet them in person?

As I’ve mentioned above sometimes it’s just not possible to meet your singer in person before the wedding. The whole process can easily be planned out via e-mail and phonecalls. However, given how important the day is, I think it’s always nice to meet before the big day. A chat about the music for an hour over a coffee is a lovely way to get to know a couple and makes the day seem even more personal.

3. What type of music/songs do you want?

Generally wedding singers are very versatile and can turn their hand (voice!) to most styles of music. It is still important though, to take into consideration the pieces they have posted online, as those songs are usually what they consider to be their best or most complimented pieces. Try to choose someone who sings songs in a style and genre that you like as that will make for the most compatible match.

4. Can I ask for a song not on their list?

Of course! Any wedding singer should be happy to learn a new song for you. Often, even if it’s not on their song list, there’s a possibility that they already know the song you want. Previously, I had a long, long list of songs on my website but I’ve cut it back considerably as it was too overwhelming for a most couples to choose from. I find that a more curated list makes it easier for a couple to choose what they want.

5. What do you think will work?

When a couple ask me to choose a song that will suit a particular part of the ceremony I’m always delighted. This allows me to pick something that I know will fit in with that part of the ceremony and also I can choose something that I feel I do an excellent job of singing. I believe that if a singer loves a particular song that comes through as you sing and makes it more beautiful.

I hope this was helpful.


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  • Anne O Donnell

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Agreeing to get married is hopefully one of the easiest decisions you’ll ever make! However, the actual process of planning a wedding can be considerably more difficult so I’ve complied this short to-do list for the very early stages of wedding planning to help you on your way to married bliss.

1. Budget

The very first thing that every couple must do when planning their wedding is to choose a budget. Whether you are on a very strict or a lavish budget sitting down as a couple and agreeing on an amount that you both feel comfortable with spending on the big day will make your planning infinitely easier!

While budget planning is definitely not the most exciting part of the process the average wedding in Ireland costs in the region of €30,000 (although you can get married for far less!) so it has to be carefully discussed. If this is decided form the outset it will help to allievate the stress later on in the process.

2. Ceremony Choice

Choosing the type of ceremony you want is another big step in the planning process. Hopefully before agreeing to get married you will know the other person’s views on this matter so it won’t come as a shock when you hear their preference. Many couples are now choosing to opt for a Civil Ceremony which although becoming much more popular, can still cause a little consternation for members of their families who have envisioned a traditional church wedding. This means that it’s vital you and your partner are united in what you want for your wedding and can articulate this clearly to anyone who might try to sway you in another direction. Once you have decided on where you want your ceremony to take place this is (in connection with your venue) the first thing to book.

Here's a link to an article which will give you plenty of information on the different types of ceremony choices available in Ireland.

3. Choose your Venue

Once you have decided on where your ceremony is going to take place the next big decision you need to make is on where you’re going to have the reception. Some of the main factors to take into consideration here are budget, location and reputation. The budget is hugely influential on your venue choice and it’s important to look carefully at the packages to make sure you are getting all the little extras that are important to you. Visit venues and chat to the wedding co-ordinators as they are usually extremely helpful and informative. Once you have your ceremony and your venue booked you can breathe a little sigh of relief and have a celebratory glass of prosecco!

Here’s a link to an article with some really helpful questions to ask your wedding venue!

4. Book your most important vendors next

This is a little more personal than the first three points and only you know what will come next. In my case, surprisingly it wasn’t the music that came next, but to book the photographer and videographer. We had a good idea of who we wanted based on past experience and knew that they were very popular so we wanted to get that sorted straight away.

For you booking the amazing band you heard at a friend’s wedding or the fantastic make-up artist you’ve seen on Instagram might be the next most important item on your list. Whatever it is, don’t worry about it being too soon to book as many popular wedding vendors are booked up to 2 years in advance!

I hope this has helped you in the first few steps towards planning your wedding.

Anne x

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  • Anne O Donnell

It's the beginning of a brand New Year and I'm so looking forward to what 2020 has to offer. I've been thinking about ways to update my website and make it a bit more interesting so, while I'm not planning on becoming a blogger I think this is a nice way to help you to get to know me before your big day and hopefully I'll have something helpful to say that will make your wedding planning a little easier!

Although I've been singing for years it was only 5 years ago that I decided to make the step into wedding singing and I've never regretted it. I've had such a fantastic few years meeting and getting to know so many lovely couples and getting to sing on one of the most special days of their lives. I hope that this year I'll get to meet many more of you and help you to make your wedding ceremony a little more special.

My plan for this section of the site is to answer questions, give ideas and generally talk about the wonderful world of weddings!

If you're getting married in 2020 now's the time to get your wedding ceremony music booked. Get in touch if you have any questions and would like to have a chat as I'd love to help you.

I've linked my version of one of my favourite (and most requested songs ceremony songs) here for you to have a listen to.

Best wishes for 2020


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